Simple tips on how to extend the life, comfort, and design of your stroller!

Make sure to lubricate the stroller once in a while, 2-3 times a year is optimal.
Remove wheels and lubricate wheel axles with standard universal grease.
Lubricate other moving parts with oil spray type WD-40 or 5-56.

This prevents gravel and dirt from damaging mechanical parts as well as keeping the stroller more maneuverable.

Avoid unnecessary dirt and dampness.
If your stroller becomes wet, it is recommended to let the stroller dry in a dry environment to avoid mold.
Avoid storing the stroller in damp areas as this might damage both the fabric and the chassis.
Avoid leaving the stroller in direct sunlight when you are not using it. Too much exposure to sunlight might cause the fabric to fade.

A stroller is not a playground - Never forget your child's safety!

Do not leave your baby in the stroller unattended; you can never guarantee that the stroller will not roll off or that the child will be able to climb out.
Never let your child play in the stroller, it is not a toy and your child should always be strapped when sitting in the stroller.

Read the manual since there is important information for the particular stroller you have purchased.
Don't forget that the stroller is a complex construction that requires care if you want a good functioning wagon for many years to come

Good luck!

If you experience any issues with your stroller, please contact us here.